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February 25, 2009


Account Deleted

Congratulations! Can't wait to ready your piece.


yea! rah! swirly!!!!
so proud of you, keep
it up and i can't wait
to read skirt. love
that pub.


Still so excited about the Skirt article! You are my hero. Be well dear friend. x


you rule.


Loving the mannequins and YAH!! for being published. You are magic.

Andrea McKeen

Congratulations on your publication! I have enjoyed reading your blog for a few months now and find your writing very sincere and inspiring.


congratulations baby! i am so proud of you :) x

Gypsy Alex

I'm so excited for you, lovey! And I can't wait to see these mannequins in a gallery show! I'm so intrigued by India (but of course you already knew I would ;) xoxx


Congratulations on Skirt !
clap clap clap


feel better soon and yay you on the magazine. ciao!


feel better soon and yay you on the magazine. ciao!


oh you are SO amazing! and I feel your pain-- so glad there is enough cheese in the world for when the world gets too much to bear, you know?

love you so-- E


sending healing & renewing energy your way. wishing you gentleness in the journey. huge congratulations on the publication of your essay! i am lovin' your mannequin projects...thank you for sharing them with me/us.
in light,


Yay for Skirt(s), and Yay for hunky handy guys, and Yay for, uhm, cheese(?), and most of all, Yay for you being you...

Jill Nalette

Way to go Christine!! I'll have to read it next month. You should be very proud!!
Take it easy and feel better soon.
Jill from N.H.

linda e

even more giggling as i picture the handyman! they are absolutely fabulous! L.


I love your mannequins Christine. Thank you for sharing your process through photos. And congratulations on publishing your first paid piece!

Happy wishes to you. :)

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