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February 11, 2009



Your work is so lovely and i'm inspired by you! I love your blog is such an inspiration. Looking forward to your process in writting this book! Have a lovely merry day and wishing you a merry lovely weekend! Happy valentines! Love to you!

mati McDonough

i'm inspired by you! and your exciting new path. xo


THis process is exactly what i did when i was writing my book - literally cutting up the pages and laying the pieces out on the floor. Just a few chapters covered my entire living room floor, but that way i could (again, literally) crawl over the words and rearrange them. i needed to see all of them so i could reshape and make a new coherent order. Then out came the Sellotape as i starting sticking pieces back together - made it so much easier when i was back at the keyboard.

Writing is the biggest sexiest jigsaw there is :)


Oh, I so needed to see this tonight! I recently had a big, complicated story come out just from a writing prompt and now I'm left wondering what to do with it all. I think it could be "the" novel I've been waiting for, but it scares me to try to put it all together. For me, the trick will be to just keep writing til the end! Must. Keep. Writing!

amy denmeade

reading this made me think of Elizabeth Gilbert's talk on genius at TED that they released on video earlier this week. have you seen it? it gave me lots of good things to ponder.


a beautiful mystery it is! the way you describe your process with this writing really speaks to me as someone who is far more visually oriented than writing conventionally asks one to be!


New words are like, out stretched arms... welcoming us, to trust them.

You inspire us all. : )

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