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March 11, 2009


catherine slye

as if I didn't already love you enough...here's to wishing you lived around the corner from me so we could hang out and watch our fave movie together. :)



that sounds like an awesome writing group !

linda e

i just love "listening" to you describe...well, practically anything. you have a way of drawing people in and making them listen intently. the Truth has a way of doing that, eh? what you said about peeling away layers...so incredible. xox linda

gypsy alex

Loved hearing about your process, love. And Max said it so well. Just pick and go for it. I finally can relate to that. I think I found my thing... xo


I read this just as I am headed out to my writing class tonight! I just love to read about your creative process. Thanks for sharing. :)


THose are awesome lessons. I am now thinking about all the things I have been learning from my painting and my writing.

I wrote a couple hundred thousand words, only to chop off the first 100 pages and start in the middle. What is that? 100k? I can't get the numbers straight. But all of that writing isn't wasted. I've come to know my characters and all that I edited out will still be there in the characters and the setting. Lesson: Nothing is wasted.

As for painting, I'm learning the same thing that you said... when to walk away, get some perspective and come back with fresh eyes. LEsson: Don't get stuck, just get perspective.

So many interesting lessons that you can learn from creating and apply to life.


This is filled with inspiration and i enjoyed reading today's post alot! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you and yours!

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