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March 16, 2009



Oh, my heart.

You know, I've felt that so far this year has been grey. I'm not taking many pictures of my days. Nothing has seemed particularly beautiful or interesting. Watching your video, I know that I've let myself be so tired, so driven that I haven't been alive to the ordinary sparkling moments. Thank you for reconnecting me to what's important.


Absolutely loved it. Keep em coming, Chris.


Ooooh - beautiful. Can we make a video together in NZ? x


so so powerful.


The video is so very lovely, and it was also fun to see how one of your new mannequins has taken shape! (Thanks, too, for introducing me to some new music - The Album Leaf is now on my wish list! :)

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Outstanding. Just outstanding! I loved every second of this effort, this creation. I could gush on and on. So well done. :)

As well, I wish you to know you've inspired me and caused me to pick my neighbor's trash. After admiring the mannequin art you've shared... guess what? My neighbor threw one lovely, plastic torso out to the curb last Friday. I nabbed her! Now, to give her new purpose.

Thank you, Dance Instructor. :)


you are so good.



I love this! I love your work anyway, but I love seeing it interspersed with the film images. (I especially loved the gray dress and the photos on the ground and the dress form...)Oh, I just loved it all. ((big love))
I also thank you for sending it as it was just the reminder I needed. It inspired me to write a blog post thinking about what I want to be creating in the world. How I am the author of my life. (I have your print: with the saying: At any point you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.) http://ad.vu/ne95
Thanks for continuing to inspire and share your journey with us! (I love that you are taking a writing course!!)

jen gray

oh my.......crazy beautiful..

miz katie

I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. I must subscribe to your youtube.

Paris Parfait

Beautiful and very inspiring, Christine! A friend was visiting here from Antwerp recently and she spent some time pouring over your book. xo

gypsy alex

Loved it. My favorite part is the lace on the tree... And of course the "say yes" right after. That is what I continually try to learn from you, my dear. To say YES, first and foremost. Love you, your poetic cute thing! xo

Donna Jensen

aaah - what a beautiful way to start my day. I've read your book, and re-read it and re-visited certain pages in it many times in a matter of a week. And now we get to see beauty through your eyes - thankyou Swirly!


receiving this & viewing this today is an answered prayer...i needed this today. thank you, thank you, thank you.
in light,


that was the perfect break. thank you.

liz elayne

so very beautiful.


Fantastic! Thank you for so much inspiration in such a tiny package! I'm going to get my daughter & take a picture of our hands together, I love that idea so MUCH! THANK YOU Swirly Girl, you rock! Oh ya!


so ethereal and lovely. i needed this today. thank you.


speechless christine -- gorgeous and captures your message so vividly -- thank you for sharing this video

Carmen Torbus

Beautiful. Dream talk is everywhere I turn today. The Universe is trying to tell me something.

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