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March 26, 2009


gypsy alex

oh you two lucky girls! send me a little text with your pretty smiles attached :) so happy about all this movement and excitement in swirly land! xo

boho girl

Jermaine holding a box?
what was inside?
was it his D%&#@ in a Box?


Swirly, look in your pocket, cuz I am right there with you and Marianne.

love youz two.


hahaha, so laughing at stacy's comment.

but congrats dearie! so much goodness in life, i hope you have a fan-diddly-tastic time.



wow. you are inspiring me to fully dream bigger.

kisses to marianne.

and, um. you didn't need to go all the way to NZ to stalk jemaine. he lives right here in da hood. i saw him walking down the street a couple weeks ago with a box. not that i was stalking him or anything...


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