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March 21, 2009



thank you for sharing this. i'm holding back the tears so that i don't gush. but i'm so glad you were so brave and took that class. i remember chatting with you in january as you embarked on this class and i jumped into my scary realism class. in the end, those weekly hours have given us a place of giant personal growth and expanded our talents. good on ya.

love you girl.


I first read your post last night. I can't stop thinking about it. there is so much power in your words. thank you.


I'm hoping that Blue Poppy is right, looking forward to making improvements in my writing when I get there. My first reaction was to reject the idea, but then I had to take into account that the writing I do is mostly anonymous.


Thank you for giving me a "eureka" moment via Blue Poppy:

"When we can trust the love we have - when we know, not just believe, that we have enough love - we are free to write honestly, even knowing that the more honestly we share, express and expose ourselves, the easier we are making it for some people to not like us."

This is invaluable stuff! As an artist/writer/designer myself, it's so easy to get caught up in thinking that I'll win love/approval because of what I create, instead of who I am. Can't help but wonder what my work would be like if I was free of those needs.


girl-you are brilliant and lovely-and you always bring such wisdom to light

loe you

Paris Parfait

I'm glad this was such an amazing experience for you. You've written this piece so beautifully. The writing raw bit is why I'm having such a tough time with my book rewrites. The editor keeps asking for more detail; more of the agony involved and it is hard to revisit some of these events - even from a safe distance. But Norman Mailer always said you have to dig deep and tell the truth - that's what makes one story different from another. xo


So glad your writing class found you - and so excited about writing together soon. x


Lovely writing. It reminds me why I want to write (and why I do, although not enough - when will the bravery come, I don't know). Thank you.


how bizarre is that -- I was just checking to see if your link worked to my blog as I just added your buttons and boom! your post today! thank you...

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