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June 12, 2009


Back 2 Africa

Thank you. I like your content. Very nice


you have quite a talented little family.
and i have to say....i dig the flower image.
it is gorgeous.


Christine! Thanks for your love and sweetness last week... and including me in your special 5. Wow! May you have a wonderful beginning to your week!

Jennifer Lee

Wow, thanks for the mention, Christine!!! I'm honored. Have a beautiful weekend.

Jill Nalette

I'll have to add the book to my ever growing list. You are such a wonderful and insightful women.
Smiles and Hugs,


"we are in a tribe"

I love that; that's the way I feel since I joined the blog world and found so many talented artists.

Thanks for sharing the book; certainly a future resident of my bookshelf.

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