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June 15, 2009



What a great post! I'm with you in spirit and have taken another big step myself this week that I'll tell you about very soon. xx


This is a beautiful post and I can so relate. I wrote constantly long ago in high school. I'm just now starting up again and feel very much in that toddler stage as well. Thanks for sharing and soon... we will be pre-schoolers :)


Christine, I love that you are putting your big dream out there — I can see it for you and am holding the beauty of that vision. (You go, go, go…!!!)

I was looking at one of my journals today and a printout of one of my favorite pieces on the craft of writing dropped out — Elizabeth Gilbert on Writing (from here:

She says:
Your job is only to write your heart out, and let destiny take care of the rest.

I love that you are committed to savoring where you are right now…and recognize the trap of the ego that is so easy to fall into in all our creative projects.…

I would offer the possibility that as Gilbert wisely says your only job is to write.

The being good at it will unfold naturally in the perfect time.

For me, I see my job as a writer to show up and write.

And from a place of openness and surrender to honoring my "job" as a writer, I always find that flow, wisdom, and sometimes really good writing can naturally emerge.

I've even found that sometimes things like fame and fortune can follow from this place, too.

(Granted a princess job as an ice cream expert or getting flown to NYC to "star" in an ice cream documentary for the History Channel isn't the same as a NYT best-seller, but these opportunities and earning as much as I did from writing my book was as much as a surprise to me as if I had been a NYT best-seller)!

To your big dream and the writing that is unfolding within you…

Love and light,


how brave of you, to place your "dreams" here. i think that should count as more than one, baby step. ; )

linda e

it's funny, because i met you at your book release and have always thought of you as a Big Successful Writer (did i spell that wrong?) so to hear you talk about baby steps almost makes me scratch my head. you are a Big Successful Writer! now...to let the rest of the world know. Linda


As Elizabeth Gilbert quoted--"It's not the world's fault you want to be a writer...now get back to work." You are great and I am very happy that your dream is transpiring before you!

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach

I love this post, Christine. You & I sound like we share a similar trait: impatience! I always want to reach my goal yesterday, & am just learning to stop & smell the roses. I have practically stopped multi-tasking so I can fully commit to what I'm doing & savor each step. It really is hard to not be where you want to be, but I think the success will be so much sweeter if you recognize the hard work along the way. Hope you're celebrating all your accomplishments!


Admitting publicly how big we dare to dream really takes courage,

Best of luck dear Christine!!


and i when you are a famous published writer, i will say that "i read her as a toddler".


I love how you are making this dream of yours real. A strong foundation and love of what your doing will take you far.

Have you visited Michelle Fabio's blog? It's called Bleeding Espresso and she has a ton of info regarding freelance writing. Hope it could be of help:


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