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June 30, 2009



thrilled, thrilled i say.


Marlene White

I wish I could take your class! I would if I could! I will be making the second video for Squam. Do you think you could give me a side lesson? Maybe I can teach you something in exchange? Loving you blog by the way! I started mine and I am so addicted now, thanks to you!


Yea, yea, yea! :) Like Vivienne, I dashed off an email to Elizabeth as soon as I heard the news. Looking forward to your class!


I just registered because of YOU !!
thank you so much,
grace from boulder

Tanya Dvorak

Please oh please do this again in June 2010...I was just there and had a life changing experience, you were part of that change, thank you again.


If only!!! I'm wishing sooooo hard that I could be in that fantabulous class with the two of you. You are going to make magic together, and I am so happy for all the lucky people that will share in it! Maybe it will be so fun you'll repeat it next June... then I can say YES!!! Dreams do come true! Yeah for making it happen with someone you love and respect. I loved listening to your podcast with Marisa... such great energy you create together.
p.s. I listened to it as soon as I got back from Squam... hadn't had enough of you two!


oh - i am so sad! i would love to attend this retreat - but als - what a hike from Australia!!! when will squam start to travel abroad? lol!

Linda E

oh baby - this will rock the house!! Linda


I actually didn't even finish reading the entire post before stopping to email and inquire if I could be in your and Marisa's workshop! And I will be! I can't even express how excited I am to have you two as teachers!


LOVE it!!!


Can I be your guinnea (is that the worlds hardest word to spell?) pig????


I just "found" your blog today & you're talking about my favorite place in the entire USA! How have I been to NH & not known about Squam, especially since we spend most of our time in N Woodstock/Lincoln?!? We've not planned a trip up there for this summer, but I think I'm going to be trying to convince my guy to head there in September so I can be in your class.
Anyway, now that I've blabbered, your "Book in a Day" sounds wonderful.

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