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August 02, 2009



i couldn't get enough, so I had to watch this one and I'm so glad I did....because i'm FROM Minneapolis, WISCONSIN:) hahaha!

totally hilarious!


Loved it!! I have way more ditzorama stories then you I bet!! LOL


no joke - i seriously asked if Oklahoma was the capital of Nebraska, like a week ago! I didn't even know how to react when i heard myself say that...it was a sad, dark day...


what a great story teller you are Christine!
Love it!
I would have some good "blondie
stories here but I am embarrassed just to think about them!


barron and i are laughing our butts off, you are so hilarious! just got back from Larry's fine state, in a little town just outside Minneapolis.
xoxoxo see you soon!
jen gray


OMG! I laughed so hard...not at you but totally get where you're coming from. I am not a blonde, very much a brunette, but I once was on the phone with my mom while waiting for a flight. I'm sitting at the gate in DC getting ready to return home. My mom asks where was I and I could not for the life of me remeber. I had to ask the guy next to me what airport I was in. In my defence I'd just worked 45 days straight, 2 weeks of which were over nights and then flew to DC for a week of work.

I think we all need a vacation!


very funny! so I am headed to minneapolis next week and everytime I tell someone I am going to say it in *your sweet voice for fun!

I am not a blond, however I have had my share of recent ditz moments lately. not once, but twice I have somehow locked my car key in my car while its running! ack!

totally loving the videos, so fun!


i'm loving this!!! i can relate on so many levels! probably WAAAAAAY too many to mention. like the time I was flying OUT of Chicago back to Arizona and asked a gentlemen sitting in the vicinity of my gate..."Is this the flight TO Chicago???" he just kind of gave me a look as if to say first..."how do you even function in this world" but simply answered me..."you ARE in Chicago"!!!!


You, my dear, are not a Ditz, but alas an unknowing comic genius......hugs from moi


Oh, the burdensome responsibility of blondness...I've lived with it my entire life, but comforting to know that even you, mighty Swirly, have suffered the indignity of its pervasive reach. By confessing your blond blunders you are hereby absolved of your guilt and a far braver soul than I, although, as I sit here I cannot think of a single flaxen lapse....I guess there are some advantages to being BLOND!!! I love your vids. You are definitely a natural..


Jill Nalette

I LOVE IT!! That was one of the best laughs I've had in awhile.
Smiles, Hugs and Love,

Maria Hyman

You are one Precious Girl. What else can I say.

Karin Grow

So funny! I found your blog through Marisa's, and I love your video clips. You're so natural in front of the camera and cracked me up the whole time. The sad part is that I can totally relate to these two stories. Maybe I need to color my hair too! Karin


you gave us a fab laugh this mornin' in our hotel room.

what about..."that's a HUGE flash!"

i so love you.
we so love you.


ohhh THAT's how I want to start my Monday morning-- choking on oatmeal (five-grain oatmeal, fyi!). God, you're funny.


I love you so much! You crack me up and I cannot wait to see you in a few short weeks...maybe I'll catch one of your blond moments...or who knows...maybe I'll have one...nah :) xoxo

Paula Bogdan

Oh, thanks for the morning giggle...always well needed on a Monday morning!


i still love you, even though i now have to dye my hair brunette :)


Gosh, you ARE funny!! Of course there have been glimpses of it here and there, and I am sure those who know you in person know this about you for sure. I can honestly say, out of all the vlogs floating around at the moments yours are fast becoming my favorites! And there must me something about places starting with M because I once ended up in Malta (a stunning but very desert-like place) and only realized upon landing that I had bought tickets to the wrong island because I actually wanted to go to Madeira (because of it's lush and colorful vegetation!) Kxo

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