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August 24, 2009



This is my first time commenting, but this REALLY spoke to me!! This was beautiful! I love these deep rich insightful blog posts!!! xx

Dana Barbieri

That was great! Thank you!


love the post and photo!!!!

Leisa A. Hammett

Incredibly awesome post! Thank you! That's what beach...in Oregon? Where the love bomb were??


In every journey we will meet a fellow warrior and welcome them and rejoice in the tribe we all have...thanks Swirly..this was awesome...I needed that!


loved this - thank you!


and in every journey you will stumble across amazing, beautiful strangers that completely inspire you and seem to know exactly what to touch on to give your inner being a little nudge. THANK YOU


Carmen Torbus

So much truth in those words. Well written and just what I needed today. Thank you.


I love the way you write. x


. . . forever and ever, Amen. Thank you for your words. I love it when I resonate with a kindred spirit!


christine, THIS was truly beautiful in so many ways! so lovely...


swirlacious...so breathtakingly beautiful and true and needed. right. now. xox linda


oh my-- you had me at that photo and THEN such wonderful reflections-- I especially savored the part about failures-- that was so beautifully put and so needed--- we are learning learning learning-- and I loved how you wrote that-- and? you're pretty.


well, lookee that. we're on the same journey, or at least a journey in the same vicinity. hello there, fellow traveler.

Jill Nalette

Oh, how true!! Lovey and reasuring message, Christine. See you in a few weeks.
Love, Hugs and Smiles,
Jill from N.H.

mati McDonough

did you write this? DAMN.


beautifully written... and exactly the words i needed read today.

thank you.


Having just made a step in my own journey that has left me feeling free, but also in tears, I, too, was led here today. No one can tell me the Universe doesn't point us in the direction we need to go. Today I am unsettled, uncomfortable, my belly a little upset. Tomorrow - who knows? I suspect remorse, sadness, but still that knowing that I have done the right thing. From there strength builds.

Thank you so much - so much! - for this post.

doorways traveler

i knew i needed to come here today. in this moment where i am in the harder parts and choosing to "release the ego" as you say.

i know that i am closer with each perfectly imperfect day where i choose to be fully alive and present with what shows up.

thank you. deeply and truly. for telling it like it is.

much love, lisa

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