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August 15, 2009


True Religion Outlet

The true coin of the WTF? realm, however, has to do with choices made by writers in project after project, where the world we live in is routinely discarded in favor of only-in-a-movie un-realities, and nowhere is the "this would never happen" plaint more comsdfmon than in the romantic comedy genre.


boy do i know that discussion...and boy do i know that thought process...I think anyone who loves what they do doesn't do it for money and when pushed to think that way, it is not the way the world works for them. I also don't want to kill myself for a piece of the pie..i want to enjoy life and being an artist...a full fledged artist, is harder than ANY job that exists...hands down...to truly believe in ones ability and to push through each day and find all the joy and to not get sucked into the society of the American Dream....well done...




In the words of Iris DeMent:
"And it's true that I don't work near as hard
As you tell me that I'm supposed to.
I don't run as fast as I could.
But I live just the way I want to,
And that's the way I should."

Right on.


"It also occurred to me the morning after our discussion that perhaps the issue in these exchanges wasn’t that I, as an artist, don’t value my work enough, perhaps it was an issue of them not understanding the value I place on the work I do to take care of my marriage, home, family, friends and, quite frankly, my health and sanity."

THANK you.

i so admire YOU
right now
from right here.


Thank you :)


What a wonderfully articulated post! I loved reading every word. I bought your book on Etsy and enjoyed it soo much and did feel very inspired by it, so I think you are working everyday - just it's your ideas and inspirations that are working through others, like me.


this is so beautiful to read, thank you.

i am single and have no children and still choose not to push myself, and make enjoying life and being at peace priorities over financial success. i do have a beautiful life and my art and creativity workshop add to it as things i enjoy doing, they are not more important than anything else. balance is so key.

Charlotte Netz

Success to me is measured not in money or recognition but in how I feel. If what I do makes me happy and brings me joy - then I am successful. Thanks for sharing Christine - your thoughts resonate with my heart.


Right the f___ on!

a Cagey Bee

Such a wonderful post & a breath of fresh air at exactly the right time for me.

I'm in the process of moving plus have an old friend arriving for a visit tomorrow plus have the ongoing stress of trying to make a healthy living as an artist. The nagging "shoulds" are always there:

I should really work that extra craft show.
I should list more work today.
I should do another blog post.
I should paint more.

And, of course, this week:
I should have the entire house moved, unpacked & organized before my friend arrives. Ha!

I think I'd rather take a moment to breathe & take a walk with my hubby. Those boxes will still be waiting for me later. :)


Dana Barbieri

This was a great post! Thanks for sharing this!-


this literally got me all choked up. thank you for these words, you found a way to express a feeling that I've had so many times and never been able to figure out how to explain. thank you for being the force you are in the world.

Rita Vindedzis

A wonderfully honest post. Thanks so much for sharing.

Niki Jackson (The Vintage Artist)

Wow Christine! I so enjoyed reading this, your story resonates with me so much. Thank you for sharing such a personal post, it touched me more than you can know. xx

grace moore



There is a time and a place as they (whoever "they" are, lol) say. I can so understand where you are coming from. I get a lot of "you should be doing this, that, the other". Most people forget that I ran successfully businesses. The fact is that I don't want to! Not now... my self-confidence after having a child has vanished into thin air but my brain hasn't. I won't be running before I can walk. I do what I do because it suits and I will do other things when I am ready...

I wish I was as brave as you and just say what you did... maybe I should

Leisa A. Hammett

Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely Right On!

Kathleen Barnes

You are learning a wonderful lesson in that you truly know the value of creating personal happiness outside of the traditional measures of income and financial status. No one gets their net worth carved on their headstone. I, too, after TWO failed marriages decided to take the time to do what made my life worth living: husband, family , friends and time to smell the roses. Life is so much shorter than we think it is. We don't really know when our time is up, so trying to put off having a "real" life until retirement is questionable. Hold your head up and stand firm against the boys club. It's our job to teach them how not to have heart attacks at 40 and kick off their shoes and enjoy life.


and this my friend...is why i love you so.

Patricia Dolan

Swirly, Girly, Curly Girl, Sweet Christine,

You have experienced 'success' from both sides of the looking glass. Intentionally, you are where W*A*N*T to be right now. Should you decide to sashay to the alternative business reality you manifested before you will succeed there again. I know that commerce and creativity conjoined can be fruitful. There are lots of 'advisors' out there but the only one that matters is you and your hub-bub decide what is B*E*S*T for your situation. I salute you always.

Love, Trish,
Your Squammie photographer :)
[email protected]

doorways traveler

bless you and thank you.

the pressure i put on myself to take-off is enough to ignite a lifetime of career possiblilty. and i am constantly taking a step back and prioritizing in the ways you speak of. with a couple of younger humans that i brought into the world playing into my order of things, as well... and for me, the primary goal, far above financial and quantifiable success, is to love more and be happy. to be fully expressed and free.

it's crazy that we feel compelled to argue something so obvious, no?

i love and adore your passionate, fiery self. the world is so much better with your inspiring force...



i am in admiration of your strength, authenticity and clarity which you are living your life!
thank you.


Thank you for sharing your thoughtful, heartfelt words with us. I got teary just reading about it and realized so much of it resonates with me too right now. I'm not an artist but I am a coach and I specializing in working with advocates and activists. I've very intentionally and mindfully created a life that balances work I am passionate about with what I most value--my babe, my marriage, my family/friends, and my well being. It just doesn't always match up with the mainstream, go-go-go mentality. And yet, I know in my heart and soul it is right for me.
I'm sending you big, fierce hugs this morning. And bravos. For claiming your truth. For getting messy and real and passionate. For sharing yourself with all of us. It's a gift!


oh baby-- I LOVE me some "messy and from the gut" this is beautiful and passionate just like YOU!!!<-------- smooch, E

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