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September 30, 2009



seems like slowing down, doing less, absorbing more is the theme for many lately, myself included.

thanks for the reminder and the inspiration


Squam sounds amazing. Perhaps one day we'll have something along these lines in my part of the world.

Please enter me in the draw. :)

Kate Robertson

It is so easy to get into overwhelm at these kind of events. You want ever possible second of the experience which is often unrealistic. I have been there done that and I think working in a little down time is essential. You are wise to think of how you want your next experience to be. Oh I'd love to be entered in your drawing.



I hope to someday attend Squam, it sounds so inspiring! Beautiful stationery!

Jill D.

do another video! you are so funny!


I love seeing your photos and hearing your stories about squam. Since I wasn't able to attend I feel like you have brought squam to me. Thank for this.


Sigh... wish I could have been there. It was so nice to meet you at last year's SAW. Would love to win the stationery!


well said love..... like you ive had the luxury of experiencing SAW from many different angles.....each time, i have walked away with such valuable pieces to my story.. I am honored to have shared these times with you, and all the future SAW's to come.

(I bet you were the hottest ham pusher Honey Baked ever did see)

xo jen gray

Barbara Israel

Bird by Bird (from Anne Lamott's book by the same title) is my motto when I am feeling a bit of overwhelm. Everything will come about as it should. Would love to win your lovely stationary set. Thanks for all the inspiration and sharing your life with all of us.


There are so many people that make Squam what it is - 150 of them, actually...and Elizabeth, of course gets a huge hug, but to you and the Squam Angels who helped in a thousand ways that made everything run so smoothly...a huge thank you. my week was made so much better by the things you made happen. and i think this year was a time of uber-heightened expectations...a difficult challenge for any mortal. Squam is a perfect land for the heart to listen and the spirit expand. just like my Rock Fairy rock said - Expand. you are all endlessly wonderful, and i thank you for your hard work (it is) and determination to create magic. Linda


I really appreciate your thoughtful posts about Squam. I am hoping to be able to make it next year, and to be honest, all the gushing I've read about it both inspires me and totally intimidates me. It kind of helps to read an "it's OK to take it easy and be flexible" perspective on the experience.


I saw one woman at Squam who was realizing the last night that she had over done it. She has a large online presence and was so incredibly dedicated to nourishing old and new relationships that she hadn't allowed the time to nourish herself. I really felt for her.
I think you nailed it on the head...we all all could stand to let go of trying to do it all and make choices.

Jill Nalette

staying present is hard when we're too busy always trying to get everything and everyone your 100 percent. i say think about what you want, set your intentions and hope for the best. by the way thank you for making me feel special. Squam was a magical treat for me.

Big hugs, smiles and love~ Jill from n.h.


You are a wise woman Christine ~Continue to listen to your inner being!


i like what you said about expectations .. when i boarded the plane, i decided to leave my expectations at the door which was the best thing i could have done because it was all so very wonderful and organic in how it played out for me. i couldn't have imagined it any better if i had tried. that said, spending a week in new york city with my husband afterward may have been the craziest way to decompress ;-) but it seems to have worked because i came back to my life and work feeling refreshed and full of energy (after sleeping for 1.5 days solid ahem) and for that i am ever grateful.

and i agree with bella ~ you and the others who volunteered, wow, you all are so amazing and filled with such beautiful light and am glad to here you are finding ways to recharge that light of yours by making choices that work for you. xo


I agree with Suzy.


I thought you and the rest of the lovely ladies who volunteered did a fabulous job. You have a warm presence and a fun personality that really shines.
This was my first trip to SAW, and I honestly went into it with zero expectations (except the food, I heard the food was amazing from many people!) and my time there just unfolded before me like a freaking blooming flower. I had an amazing time - and a big part of that was because I let go of everything and let the weekend take me where it would.
You know best what will work for you on your 4th trip. I'm sure it will be all good.


I think once you've tried everything, then you can focus on the few chosen ones - as with everything in life. Sounds like a natural progression to me...from what you have shared. I wish I could have been there at Squam...maybe next year!


i think the evening activities ( wink wink) are a very important piece of squaming - hopefully that will remain one of yor SAW choices :)


Doing too much and running on fumes leads to burnout and that's definitely what you don't want when SAW means so much to you. Sitting back to make choices and decide the direction you want to go for next year is an excellent idea. As much as you put "into" the SAW experience, you want to be able to take out in your own renewed sense of self.


I have just recently found you blog and love it!


Here, here. You don't want a life of 'busy.' 'Busy' isn't memorable (well, except for being...busy).

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