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October 19, 2009



What a wonderful initiative!
I'd love to find one of your books and I'd be equally thrilled to leave some in either Denmark (where I live), Austria (where I come from and will be spending Christmas) or Germany (where I'll be spending New Year's Eve).

Just let me know :-)


Rebecca Self

Miss Swirly, The story of how I found #26 is up at http://www.xpatadventures.com/jonatha-swirly-squam

Can you link to that one instead of my half-baked other site?

Thanks! Sorry it took so long!


i am so excited that miss c is part of your plan. you just have no clue how this makes me smile.

&rew Borloz

Thank you, Christine, for leaving one beautiful book on that bench.

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Oooh - I love these stories. Do you have a story from NZ? I have been hoping that you would. But we kiwis are such shy creatures that I was worried no-one would dare write to you. x

Jill Nalette

these are very sweet stories. i'm looking forward to leaving some sparkling moments around.
be well.
hugs and smiles~ Jill from N.H.


Thanks again for the sweet sweet find :) it makes my day again to read this here!



this was really sweet to read. xo


i can leave some in panama city, panama for you if you wish
i can also leave some in california and nevada in december
also can leave some
in mexico at the airport and los angeles
please contact me if you wish


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