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December 02, 2009



Have you been crawling around inside my head? Because you just described EXACTLY what I have been going through. I think maybe it doesn't matter if this particular story ever amounts to anything, I've never experienced anything like it. It's like an illness that I enjoy.
I'll have to check back in and see where your journey takes you!


The Liar's Club is one of my all-time favorite books. Powerful stuff.

Tell us YOUR story, Christine!


I am a huge Mary Karr fan! And yes! you must tell your story! (I can't wait to read it)


I love this post! (: I am near completion of a first draft of the first novel I've ever completed after leaving more than a dozen manuscript carcasses behind me over the years. Remember what Doctorow said that writing is like driving a car at night and you only have to see as far as your headlights to get all the way there( well that's horribly paraphrased but write away!! )


I love that you are moving toward this...And a gentle reminder that Mary Karr and all the people who are in the American Short Fiction one day were just like you — without a fiction credit to their name, following the thread of a story that kept tugging at them...throwing themselves toward that pull...and writing without knowing whether they would finish or get published. (I can sometimes forget that people weren't born with a backlist of best-selling books!) Hooray and kudos for heading out into this exciting new terrain...
Much love, Shannon


go dog go, my sparkly friend! Linda

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!


you have the right to write, of course, and i will read you. you are so good. period.


it is amazing what appears when you give yourself the space...

so excited for you...



Oooooh-I love that feeling! You must be on to something! Go! Sail that ship, woman! It doesn't matter where you land.

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