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December 16, 2009



I act like an idiot all the time on video, (and post on my blog), but I hide behind a puppet named Poly Esther. (the things we do to crack ourselves up!)
...and, thanks for sharing



you make me smile

Jill D.

I'm so happy you did another video! It feels like getting a Christmas present!

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Now I feel even more proud of the fact that I have made L giggle on more than one occasion. Of course he was laughing AT me rather than WITH me. But I'm cool with that.



I am cracking up just picturing L reading the paper while you're falling down laughing....I love it!!!

Carolyn | A Beautiful Ripple Effect

What a great video! I must meet Ms. Charlotte Tarantolo :). It's time - I need to book my flight and venture all the way to the west coast so we can have some big life-altering talks! And I'll play Charlotte :).


yay! oh YAY! more more more more!

I want MORE I love your videos-- I want one EVERY morning-- just about anything-- I just love it THAT much and I am so glad you ARE: Christine Mason Miller.


This is so funny, Christine. Sounds like my household. That definitely could be my husband and I. Never thought to think of laughter stinginess, but it sure applies. Such a good way to put it...

First time commenting in your wonderful blog, thanks lot for all your writings.

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