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January 12, 2010




-- non-judgment is the KEY-- of ourselves, of others, of everything.

Damn. Glad you are gonna do the HEAVY lifting in 2010 and do the hard word-- mine's laughter-- hee hee--

hey, no judging me for that choice, now--

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Resistance is such a natural response, or maybe it's just such a commonly conditioned response, in any case - I hear you. You are brave, you keep facing even that which you can't help wanting to resist.

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

everything you wrote here really resonated with me...I too have overcome quite a bit of resistance to climb a mountain with a peak above the clouds (again) and I'm learning not to be so quick to "label" but just enjoy the many colors that can pop up if I don't force black or white on the issue, person, or whatever I am experiencing at the moment. Thank you very much for your wisdom and sharing.

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