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January 07, 2010


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Beautiful poetry. The most valuable gift that we can ever recieve is a sweet memory.

Linda Alvarez

It is so great to see how John’s work continues to weave “words of love . . . an invisible cloak, to mind your life.” I also want to support you in sharing that inspiration and love. I am, however, responsible for minding the technicalities connected with the preservation of John’s estate and literary legacy. John’s family would be very grateful if you would add to your quote a note that gives the title of the book from which the poem is taken – along with a copyright attribution ( © John O’Donohue. All rights reserved.) and the web site: www.johnodonohue.com — so that those who want to know more about John can come to us?

warmly and with gratitude,


thank you for this. I am loving John O'Donohue in a big way lately — reading him, listening to him nearly every day. I find his words and his spirit to open me up to beauty, truth and spirit.


thank you for reminding me of 'the invisible destination' with this poem. Sending you lots of love....

doorways traveler

oh. the invisible destination.

i am so glad i found you there.

so much love. lisa

jen gray

i love you swirly.

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Beautiful. I especially appreciate being reminded to be thankful for the slow, brooding times, when all was awkward and the wave in the mind pierced every sore with salt. And for those times when from the granite of some secret sorrow a stream of buried tears loosened.

Exquisite and perfect for the end of the year as well as the beginning.

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