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January 04, 2010



I LOVED this article and actually found you and starting following your blog after reading it. Congrats, well deserved!

Christine C.

Just catching up on blog world and WOW, I was so excited to see this...I need to find me a copy now! It looks so lovely...congrats girl!

Tara Bradford

Oh, if only they had those mags in Europe! Congrats to you - how lucky are they to have your writing and art in their magazine!

Marisa and Creative Thursday

This is GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations! This is gorgeous and does justice to your work!

Cindy Jones Lantier

Can't wait to read this! And congratulations!


this looks like such a lovely article - will have my mom send me a copy over here. congrats christine!! :)

jen gray

cant wait to get my issue! looks beautiful! xoxoxox


ooh - i'd love to read this article, and this magazine. i dont think it's stocked here in oz (at least not in our small town)will go and see what i can do to order it now! you go swirly! x donna


this is AWESOME! YOU are awesome! Linda

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

That is so cool. I want a copy. Not sure how long that will take in this far flung corner of the planet but I can wait. Only just!


yes, i read the article over the holidays and truly enjoyed it.

Ellen Olinger

Dear Christine,


I am ordering a copy of this issue today.

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