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January 28, 2010


Carmen Torbus

This is hysterical! Love it. I'm all about yoga pants!!!


You know L's not the only person I know who does not like the word PANTS. (I can't believe I just agreed with him..oh my). I really like Pixie's suggestion of Sexy Hottie Yoga Getup, sounds so much cooler! heehee


I had no idea this topic would create such a FUSS, but we are thoroughly enjoying it over here in Santa Monica, where Sexy Hottie Yoga Getups are practically a uniform!


L-I'm beginning to feel your pain. I think I get it. Though it seems all of us girls can agree that, in general, by definition, what Christine is wearing are indeed PANTS...we will encourage her to call them something else. Something like Sexy Hottie Yoga Getup. As in, "Hi honey, I won't be home for dinnner until 6:15, I'm off to yoga. And guess what? I'm wearing my Sexy Hottie Yoga Getup *wink wink*" Christine, can you promise to imply that the garment hugs when you speak about it to L?

Marisa and Creative Thursday

Larry- you are cracking me up over here!


Once again, I'm only trying to help, give you the perspective of an Italian human man, so listen up. I'm not good with pants (I mean really, do I tell my lovely wife, Hey, nice pants!). Guys wear pants. As for slacks, my point was that's even worse. Even I don't wear slacks, much less trousers.

So let's all agree that it's just that when I think of C going to yoga, kind of sexy, getting in even better shape, the notion of pants just takes it all away.

But then, that's just me I guess.


Sorry....Thought about this while on a walk and needed some backup to my response...

From the dictionary:
Trou⋅sers  /ˈtraʊzərz/ [trou-zerz]
–noun (used with a plural verb) 1. Sometimes, trouser. Also called pants. A usually loose-fitting outer garment for the lower part of the body, having individual leg portions that reach typically to the ankle but sometimes to any of various other points from the upper leg down.


Sorry, Mr. Swirly, but they ARE pants. YOGA PANTS! However, I bet you could negotiate on this...but you'd have a wear a skirt for a while!


Okay, LED did not explain what the problem is with saying PANTS? He said he didn't like the word, doesn't want us to use the word, but not WHY? I'm sorry, but I don't get it. And this is for your husband, Swirly....YOGA PANTS PANTS PANTS YOGA PANTS!!! PANTS!


OK girls, here's what it is. It's the pants part. I'm all for my woman showing what she's got, wearing tight pants (even if they're not tie dyed). Just don't call them pants! How about yoga tights, or yoga outfit? Yoga slacks sounds...well you know. Just please come up with something other than pants.


good lord, i love you


tell him brandon LOVES yoga pants and that, uh, Larry, this isn't the freaking sixties, Mr. Groovy. you're not wearing tie die and birkenstocks for pete's sake. (not that there's anything *wrong* with that.

Carolyn | A Beautiful Ripple Effect

okay you are making me laugh way too much tonight! isn't it strange how something like YOGA PANTS can be so powerful... i LOVE my YOGA PANTS and wish i could wear them all the time - yup for the bum factor :) -- maybe i'll sleep in them!


this made me giggle and giggle!!

Marisa and Creative Thursday

lady ~ you crack me up & you tell Larry a "yoga pants" from Marisa. I just ordered some very sexy yoga pants, thank YOU very much.


you crack me up!


i'm all for yoga pants and lovely yoga booties!


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