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January 12, 2010



Oh darling I too hope they found an appreciative owner. Trey and I just started playing marbles. We are still trying to figure out how to shoot them properly without hurting our fingers.


I loved my marbles! I seem to recall playing with them on drain covers. I don't have mine anymore either :(


Tom Bowlers, milkies, shiners, steelies... hmm, now the memories are flooding back for me too. we'd put our heel into the dirt and spin around and 'round until there was a deep enough hole, then clear out an even wider circular area around the hole to have the 'arena' set for action!


This is so true.



Ohhhh I lost my marbles too. I LOVED playing marbles in 4th grade. I had an amazing collection, with some rare types and sizes. There WAS something special and magical about them. I like how Lisa says "something goddessy about them .." I know what she means.

nice Sparklette!


i grew up playing with marbles. this post reminded of those fun times with my siblings. awesome post!

Lisa Hunter

Thanks for this story and image, Christine. You know, I never actually played with marbles as a kid, but I remember them being around. There's something magical about them. I hadn't thought about that until reading your post. I think of a bag of marbles or a jar of marbles and it wakes my creativity and imagination. Plus, there's something goddessy about them too, I don't know why. Especially with the drawstring pouch. Although it might have been a very different experience as a kid on a playground :0)

Thanks for sparking this!

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