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January 13, 2010



Yep, I totally do this too. I bought a ton of CDs over the summer that have yet to be opened. I have a whole bookcase full of books that haven't been read yet.


i totally do this. i was the girl that had halloween candy sitting there until just the perfect moment, when it was NEEDED. my kids... not so much. they tear MY mail open before they even make it in the door. the wisdom will come for them though, because i don't believe the mailman knows the moment we need the key to open our heart. only we do.

Jill D.

I do it too! It's nice to know I'm in good company. I also like the quiet and feel self-conscious about it when other people come over. hope you feel better soon!


there are so many delightful and wonderful things about you...love ♥


I just came across your blog today, and I just had to tell you that I am in love with it. It is so beautifully eloquent and genuine. It lit up my morning. Thank you. I'm looking forward to more. :)


I love when this happens - when you realize other people are doing it too. Your book, purchased at the last Squam, was one for me.

Me, I think I do it for different reasons - I think it has something to do with enjoying the anticipation and not wanting to be disappointed by the real thing. It's the idea of what it is going to be that excites me most, or I'm not comfortable with disappointment.

On the practical side, if the thing is an audiobook or music on iTunes, I find that if I don't enjoy it right away, I'll forget that I have it :)

I'm happy to report that your book was NOT a disappointment, and I return to it over and over...


Me too. Especially if I think the book is super special. Last month I got a copy of Sally Mann's Proud Flesh and it is still in the packaging from Amazon! I'm not sure when I'll open it, but I'm sure it will be exactly when I need to.


i do this too!


I do this, too! :) Like you say, it's all about that moment you know is coming, when that beautiful music or book will be exactly the thing you need.

Michelle Shopped

someone else does this too?

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