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January 08, 2010


Jill Nalette

I have missed reading your thoughtful and thought provoking blog over here. Life has been keeping me busy and sometimes I enjoy it but there is a part of me that wants to slow down and enjoy life and create.
Think of you and hope I see you at Squam this fall!!!!
Love, BIG hugs and smiles~ Jill from N.H.
[email protected]


I hope I might be one day behind you. I've been in the midst of that "personal front" and feelings of lack of accomplishment. I so desire a gift from the muse.


That phrase jumped out at me from her post, too. I'd heard it recently in a talk and it has so stuck with me. I guess it could be seen as passive, but I don't think that's exactly it. I think it's just realistic. Instead of fighting what you're being given, really taking what's being given opens it all up to transformation, at least a transformation of attitude. Anyway, great to see it here. I often get reminders from the universe on your blog. Thank you!


Is there anywhere in the UK that stocks Ordinary Sparkling Moments?

Teresa McFayden

yeah, yeah!! Nice phrase to write down, definitely a keeper!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

I found your blog yesterday, and I absolutely love it!

That statement is so very Zen...clean and clear....it seems like it hit your defrost button.

I appreciate the page you added of selected entries, it is especially helpful for someone like me who just discovered your lovely words and art.


Ophelia Staton

I found your blog today, and I absolutely love it. Your artwork is very inspiring, and I am heading over to your etsy site to check out your book!! I will check back often!!

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