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February 28, 2010



Lovely pictures, brought back some great memories for me.

jess gonacha swift

Have a fantastic trip-- I can't wait to hear about it when you get back! And good for you for leaving the technology behind. I agree about it taking away from the full experience of life sometimes. Safe travels!!


have an absolutely amazing time! enjoy every single second and may you find all that you need in your journey. happy travels! ciao!

Jenn C.

I totally agree about airplane time. I was very disappointed when one of my recent flights had on-board wireless, because my time in the air is my time to completely unplug from the outside world.

I wish you safe and wonderful travels, and look forward to hearing stories of them on your return!


I wish you fullness of experience in this journey. What a great gift to give yourself: the fullness of an experience you have long desired, with no interruptions, just presence. It's a rare gift these days, isn't it? Because as you said, the instinctive response in us more and more is to tweet or blog our experiences as they come, breaking them up into bite-sized pieces, and losing the immediacy of what is before us so that it can go deeper inside us.

I look forward to hearing the stories when you return. But in the meantime I wish you presence.

Lindsey Petersen

I just LOVE riding in airplanes. Peace and quiet. The clouds below you. Always sunny above the clouds.

Lindsey Petersen

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