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February 08, 2010



I feel a resonance with this post so deeply and clearly because this is where I have found my thoughts lately - about my "career" and my life. Trying to look to the root of what really truly motivates me to do what I do. It comes down to the spark of joy while in the sweet spot of a painting. That moment of being absolutely lost. And that is why I do what I do. Sure - it would be nice to have those moments support my finances but if not that doesn't mean I will stop seeking those moments. Deliciousness.
As always, thank you for your thoughtful posts that in turn get us thinking.


I'm with you, totally!

Karen Maezen Miller

And sometimes you just have to lockdown twitter. I can hardly bear my own boorishness.


yes, ma'am!


Sometimes scratching everything back to the foundation is the only way.
Enjoy the journey! xo

doorways traveler

when i get down with what the endgame is really all about, i keep coming back to what my true goals are: to love more and to be happy. to be free.

from there, the confines of commercial success seem so small, no?

really, i think softer ambition is most likely greater ambition. it is asking for a whole lot more.


"With so many stories being flung around cyber-space" ~ but Christine, don't you realize, YOU are ONE of those stories :) xo


yesterday a friend sent me this - and now i am reading your post and wondering if the universe isn't trying to tell me something?
"Sometimes in life we have to become less to be more. We become whole people, not on the basis of what we accumulate, but by getting rid of everything that is not really us, everything false and inauthentic. Sometimes to become whole, we have to give up the Dream." Harold Kushner

x donna

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

I am walking this path with you my sister. I'm amazed how many people respond to the news of my signing with an agent by announcing "You are going to be a huge star!" as though that is the obvious objective of writing a book.

When I started out writing this book I knew I was committing to a process rather than an outcome and that the process would have it's own life, it's own wisdom, it's own lessons.

But it is easy to get caught up in the widely held belief that success is about 'making it big' rather than 'making it true'.

That's why it matters so much to have friends who hold that truth with me. Thank you. x


you are most correct - there are many different definitions of "success." and your true friends will see that success in you - whether it's a whirlwind book tour, or a dinner party that leaves everyone smiling and connected. what's your definition? there's your goal. and you are remarkable. xoxlinda

Ellen Grace Olinger

Reading this, my mind went back to the film JULIA and Lillian Hellman, played by Jane Fonda, reflecting upon "pentimento" at the beginning. (As I remember...)

That was the first time I heard this beautiful word.

There are poets who speak of 50 or more drafts of their poems...


I think it has been refined not softened.


AMEN swirly girlie, go and do and be the very best swirly girl, the best is yet to see! ;)

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