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February 27, 2010


Arabelle Mccuen

Love that bag! I do miss traveling a lot. It's been two years since I last traveled. And here are the stuffs that I can't live without while traveling:

- Toothbrush! I'm just obsessed about my oral hygiene you know;
- Camera. I love taking pictures a lot. These are my lifetime souvenirs;
- Flip flops. They take you to awesome places without hurting yourself. =)

Anyway, thanks for the tips sweetheart!


we were born to travel together, I'm right there with you on traveling practical! have a wonderful time!

ps. book fairy photos and story coming soon



Geeky, practical, plain - I love it.
I recently got a short haircut that requires a bit of styling with the blow dryer and a massive round brush. Although it is wearable 3 days after said primping I now realize it is not a good travel 'do. If I can get over the need to have my hair look good (yikes) I can free up lots of space in the suitcase. sigh. Now I remember why I normally say, "you can make it has short as you like as long as I can still have a ponytail!"
Thanks for the travel tips. Enjoy Jordan x0x0


I'm terrible at packing light! oy! But I appreciate your tips as I'm about to pack for a short trip tomorrow! Enjoy your travels!!


i love you. being practical is what i strive to live for, eventhough sometimes i am high maintenance when it comes to my skin care and makeup.


Awesome post! I'm going to France for two weeks in May and I'll remember this post! Thanks!


thanks for the lesson....I will practice this the next time I fly :)

and isn't it so true that checking the bag on the way home is no big deal...but GOING....no way will I check it going.....nope, nada, not even close !


Love, love, love this post! :) Thanks for sharing these great tips for traveling light.

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