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February 24, 2010


Tara Bradford

Sounds like a bold step, to help bring those creative endeavours/ideas/dreams out into the light. Good for you for reaching further...xo

Nita Davanzo

OH I love it... I love your envisionings and the scope and sway and flow and movement of it all... cannot wait to creativ-imagina-tate more with you... LOVE YOU!

Kate Courageous

Bravo to you for a.) following your dreams and b.) making them manageable chunks.

And whenever the time is right for the little Southern California haven to unfold, I look forward to cheering you on!

Carmen Torbus

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do there too!


love it...
both the renting the studio...and how you intend to be with it...and how you are honoring what's calling to you...

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach

I have a dream about a big fat bright open happy shiny studio space, too. While I'm not an artist, I'd love this space to write, coach, hold workshops, have parties, sing, & rent out to other creatives/entrepreneurs/creative entrepreneurs. While I'm probably a year or two away from it, this post absolutely inspires me to keep dreaming (big!) about it, & that it could be something that can be acquired by taking a lot of little steps. Thanks for reinforcing that & for reinspiring my dream!

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