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February 23, 2010



I love them to except i call them the Coming Soon's - I'm afraid to say I even love the ads....

Nita Davanzo

I am more on Larry's side of things, but Justin HATES to be late.. oh la la... :)


love this....i annoy my husband because i always want to be there 15-20 minutes early...get my popcorn, get all snuggled in my seat, comfy and cozy....BRING ON THE PREVIEWS!!!!! : )


"WTF" is one word...(and Minneapolis is in Nebraska, in case you wondered.)


My husband does the same thing. I cringe after every one because I know what's coming. Drives.me.batty.


haha! Love it! My man does the same!


Larry's commentary are making me and Jeremy laugh so hard..... hahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...


I too can't stand being late to the previews too because I sometimes won't be able to get a good seat, and feel more self-conscious about walking in front of people to get to a better 'middle' seat. But I also have this silly little rule that if I arrive before the previews, that I can't start eating my popcorn or other munchies until the lights dim and the previews start.


I love previews, too. One of my favorite parts of the moviegoing experience. What cracks me up is that sometimes they are so long and detailed, that by the time the trailer is over you feel like you have pretty much already seen the movie.

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