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March 15, 2010



How awesome! The pictures of Amman and Petra bring back so many memories of the year our son spent in Jordan. He had an incredible year working for our church and going as a volunteer...A once in a lifetime experience living, walking, teaching and breathing the way the Jordanian people live. Thank You for sharing your experience and pictures.


You are so beautiful and simply just amazing!

Camila F.

WOW, everything looks amazing!!! Great pics!


It's official.

You have summed up so much, exactly what I felt EXACTLY.
You have also inspired me to share more deeply. I'll write from the heart next post. I want you and the others to know how I felt too. I'm so privileged to have spent a whole week in your funny gorgeous presence. You and the others made the trip just perfect. You really did. To quote you at Jerash, "How lucky are WE?"


What a beautifully written post. I felt similar feelings, of awe and amazement at realizing a dream, when I stood in the Sistine Chapel looking up at Michelangelo's ceiling. It moved me to tears, not just my own journey to get there, but the journey of Michelangelo to paint it, the journey of art historians and trained professionals to restore it.It was the millions of lives and journies and choices that enabled the ceiling to be created and kept and restored and for my life to cross with all the others in going to see it.

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Beautiful. There is something big in these truths - something about the importance of embracing both the ordinary sparkling moments and the grand, momentous ones with equal joy and gratitude. xx

Karen Maezen Miller

I have always found traveling in countries where English isn't widely spoken to be uniquely peaceful and expansive. I've come to see that it is precisely because I do not speak the language, and so I am not snagged by my own interpretations of meaning and merit. It reminds me that non-judgmental silence is the most potent form of communication, because in it is total acceptance. Welcome home.


I am so thankful that I have my photographs to take me back there anytime I want. A thousand times a day I would say to myself - Vivo Aqui - Live here, in this moment. I love that we all took the same journey but we also took individual journeys.

Heather Plett

This is beautiful, Christine. It brought a tear to my eye.

"...how it can be easier to travel 7000 miles away to one of the most dangerous regions of the world and return home safely than to open one single door of communication between myself and a member of my family..." OH how I know that truth!


i can only imagine how you must have felt walking up to this sacred place. beautiful.

Tara Bradford

Beautiful writing about this important moment of time. It was a privilege and a joy to witness you see Petra's Treasury for the first time; to watch your face light up in recognition and wonder. Gorgeous photos too. And you're absolutely right that sometimes people in close proximity fail to really see or understand us. xo

Rebecca in Switzerland

This is so great! I started to film this moment, you know, but stopped immediately because it felt like intruding. Wish I had done so now so you would have it. When I saw the look on your face I yanked my camera down, so you are actually not in the shot at all. Love reading about your Dreams Come True and that sense that anything is possible... I love that you are so thoroughly living *your* unique adventure. Thank you for sharing!

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