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March 23, 2010



You know what I really like? I really like that when I'm reading your posts, I can totally hear your voice telling your stories. That's because you have previously posted some videos of yourself telling stories, so I have a better sense of your personality and voice inflections and just ... I don't know ... how you talk.

I really like that. : )

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

I love the mantra "I vow to take what I am given" and I think I'll join you and Karen in working with that one for a while.

Talk soon, sister of my heart.


thank you for sharing your journey with us. it inspired me today.
with love & gratitude,

Karen Maezen Miller

Oh good.


i know how you can get that charm bracelet... just sayin'. ; ) big hugs. xo

Kate Courageous

It never ceases to amaze me how much I'll resist crying (because of all the Stories I tell about it implying weakness) when in truth I know that it involves SUCH strength. Thank you for sharing this!


thank you for this...

what has shifted is that I have finally let myself completely sink into a place of acceptance about it all.


Your image of the cliff, gotten to through the small steps necessary to make it a turning point, stays with me. It helps me value and see as natural all the tiny steps I make, too.


It does my heart good to hear that you are in a much better place and that you are making such a mess! In your studio, I mean. Sorry I won't get to see you next month but I will make it happen eventually. (That sounds like a threat!) xoxo

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