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March 26, 2010



I love that you stumbled across exactly what you needed. I love it when that happens.

Kristen Fischer

I like this post---great reminder:)

Tara Bradford

My philosophy is always leap and the net will appear. :) xo

Cindy L.

Wise advice! As a writer and a mixed-media artist, I find it helps to switch back and forth between the two "routines" required to get work done for each. And trying something new is always inspirational!


I SO needed to hear this right now. With so many changes and uncertainties in my life right now, I have been feeling a bit down. Thank you for your words.


I thought I commented? No, okay here goes.

You write exactly the way you speak, without pretention, and so! from your heart.

I remember seeing the lush Jordanian landscapes fly by me...listening to the words from your soul about your art, life, love...and it is part of my journey now.

Sometimes, despite our intentions (road to hell and all...) we DO end up EXACTLY where we belong. With the right people, in the right country, doing all the right things.

I've distilled much essence lately from that trip and the goodness of you amazing ladies is a large part of that...along with the stars, the sand, the humour! I love that we end up where fate places us, unbeknownst as to the reason why sometimes.

Thank you for your inspiring and lovely postcard, it has top billing on our fridge. xoxoxo


I was walking around my parent's local hallmark store yesterday, when I ran into some plaques that I immediately recognized as your work. I was so excited to find them...I bought this one: http://demdaco.com/detail.aspx?ID=22072

I'm SO excited to hang this in my new home when we move next month. :)


Balancing routine and self-care through soothing reminding motions with living on the edge by having courage, trying new things, and tasting some adventure is exactly what it is all about. Have fun in the new classes!


"Sometimes, the greatest joy comes about when we're feeling lost and uncertain, but willing to stay on the path anyway" beautifully put. i love it.


What a wonderful post! It reminded me of "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss. If you haven't read it, it's here:

I came here from Kelly Kilmer's blog, so that was my nice discovery of the day! :)


absolute loveliness! and? truthiness!

smooch, E


I love the photo. And if that were me, I totally would have went into panic mode and turned around and walked out of that class...but I also would have missed out on your awesome experience. How cool is it that you met someone who reads your blog!

Those last two sentence made you my new hero by the way...


yep, often i discover that i find important things, whilst i was on the way to somewhere else.

i think the beauty of a moment is when it is noticed that the routine has been stepped out of and that it can teach something

those last 2 sentences really do sum it up beautifully

Annika Christine

"Sometimes, going somewhere we didn't intend to go turns out to be the exact place we belong. Sometimes, the greatest joy comes about when we're feeling lost and uncertain, but willing to stay on the path anyway."

So true, so true!

Heather Rae

I love this. I am very much like this in that I tend to stick to my routines. In my dance classes, I've stayed in the same level because I'm nervous that the higher level class will be out of my league (even though I've done the lower level way too long). I think I might just try the higher level class next week. Thanks for this!


I tore a page out of your notebook and rode the more difficult horse at my lesson the other day. I even thought to myself - Christine would be liking this. Good for you for staying in the room; showing up is most of the battle. xoxo

Mary Beth

it was so nice nice to meet you today. i love this post. i hope to see you in many more of kia's classes.



love your post...especially the end!! so true!!!


"Sometimes, the greatest joy comes about when we're feeling lost and uncertain, but willing to stay on the path anyway." Amen to that! And gorgeous picture, as well. :)

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