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March 09, 2010



very well articulated. i look forward to more posts with pictures & testimony of your amazing adventure. next up should be uganda! :)

Nita Davanzo

oh gorgeous gorgeous intriguing and hmmm-ing pictures and writing! LOVE you dear Swirly!!


Welcome back, sister. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in wonderland...


oh yes - i feel that - often - the sense of our time here being sooo short - and there's so much to see and do! Although I'm not one - Catholics have a thing called the Sacrament of the Moment - the moment we live in now - is all we have. no yesterdays, or tomorrows, only now, and that alone is sacred... It helps me to slow down and bring the pulse back a bit! remembering that helps me to be 'ok' with the notion that i wont be able to conquer 'it' all in one lifetime!
Thankyou for your beautiful words - you have a way of putting into being - that which i often cant express...

Heather Plett

Beautiful. Welcome back.

doorways traveler

welcome home, love. sounds like you brought that beauty back with you.




Ah Swirly lady....TURKEY!!!

A mystical timeless experience, cemented by wonderful like-minded funny travellers...we hit the jackpot on this trip. Fell in love with it all.

You my dear crack me up...still! Even when thinking of certain things I laugh out loud. Thank you for that you are such good company. I'll travel with you anytime.

Mary Mother of Shwarma~~~~!!


awesome - so so happy for you! xo

Heather Rae

I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing. Your words are beautiful and express a sentiment I often feel. :)


You are my hero.


I think I just fell in love with you. At least in love with your words here. I've never really looked at that sense of longing for more as the great blessing it is! How boring life would get if we could easily get enough! Thanks so much for sharing.

Rebecca in Switzerland

YAY! Goodness you are fast. I will post my musings on Xpatadventures tonight...

Had a doctor's appointment today. He said I need to eat more hummous. I kid you not.

Rebecca in Switzerland


Such a beautiful and true sentiment. Thanks for sharing =).

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