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April 25, 2010


Fifi Flowers

Looking at your photos... I realize I NEED a vacation... nooooo... I need a REAL adventure... merci for sharing!




My husband and I did a European backpacking trip back in the 80's and really, our favorite part was our stay in Amsterdam. In fact, after being there on the first leg of our trip we adjusted our itinterary so that we could stay several days at the end of the trip-we loved it so much. Went to all the places you mentioned here in this post. Awesome!

Karen M

Gorgeous pictures. Sounds like you are having a great time. BTW it was fun to open the Sunday paper (Worcester Telegram) and find your picture in the travel section. You do get around!


gush away.......it's all that's good!

Tara Bradford

So when you come back to visit, you can catch all the things you missed this trip. Isn't it a wonderful place?? Can't wait to get there full-time; next jaunt in about two weeks.


Lovely post! Amsterdam is definitely a beautiful city, but I might be prejudiced because I'm Dutch ;)


Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the love.


Oh! Delicious!


I love this!

Photos are beautiful, as are your sentiments and your heart.

So glad you fell in love with a new city.


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