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March 31, 2010



I keep thinking about this post. I read it a few days ago and then came back and read it again this morning. The thought that keeps sticking with me is this idea that we may think we know the reason for our lives, and yet there are so many unknown incidentals and moments that we participate in that impact the timing and circumstances of other people's lives.

That scenario of the traffic light that keeps someone else from a fatal accident and their child goes on to cure cancer ... wow. We really cannot know the impact of our presence on this earth and our taking up a particular time and space, can we? As much as I love the exploration of the "Why am I here?" questions, I have to say that the mysterious nature of this other perspective intrigues and delights me. It takes some pressure off having to know everything about the meaning of my life, somehow. It's relieving, somehow.

PS: I like picturing you waiting for the Indian food to arrive while composing a blog post. Sounds yummy, and like a peaceful moment!


I've been to pop in and tell you how much I LOVED this post and have been thinking of it this week. It reminds me of what a spiritual teacher said to me once "you can't miss your boat {life purpose} -- you're always in your boat."

And, yes the accept what is...yes! yes! yes!


Thank you! PS, let me know if you want to go out (or in) for Indian food. It's my favorite!


I loved the bit you wrote about "and how to honor and use it during meditation instead of treating it as an action that needs to be squashed or avoided." so beautiful, to just let it wash over you, your thoughts & to be ok with what shows up. And just be ok. So much of my life i know would be just so much more peaceful, if i were willing to be ok about things. Like you said - "My life simply is what it is"- that includes this moment I am judging as being less or different that it aught to be.


You are so right. We will probably never know why. Acceptance is the key.

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