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April 23, 2010



I love this story. It's such a testament to living in the now. You've been talking about that so much lately, and it really shows in the way you responded to the volcano news. I love that it landed you here, suddenly traveling and having no plans. It feels like it would open you up to wonderment, to noticing things you wouldn't have noticed before and being open to things you might not have considered before. Sounds like a great way to travel!



Years ago, I played a game in my head recommending places in Germany to my favourite bloggers. I picked Berlin for you :) I'm curious to see how you like it. Have a wonderful trip!

Tara Bradford

Safe travels, Adventure Girl! Hope you're wearing your WW bracelet. Have fun, especially in Amsterdam. :) xo


oh bon voyage, et dit pour moi à... oh wait I can't write in Dutch or Danish or German (well German we can all say a few phrases thanks to that Mel Brooks movie)... okay okay, I digress... have a FABulous time and please take photos of the houseboats in the Amsterdam with your Hipsta! p.s. non paris?

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