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April 21, 2010



Absolutely fab-bug-ulous!


dudelove...step away from the Starbucks! :) my vote: totally worth it! and in between? packing? soopah doopah woman. Linda E


'Kay Swirls, I get it, I TOTALLY get it, it's freakin amazing. Tho paranthetically I do have to say that I love bugs more in theory than in reality... however, I'd sure like to see a picture of that hopscotch game, are ya still with me? Stop watching that ant, he's not going to move... kay?


OH lord a real grasshopper? LMAO!! That is really something. Using bugs as art!! I assume no bugs were harmed in the making of said art. Like, the bug didn't DIE becoming art? I'm sure bug activists everywhere would be up in arms over that one.
However, strangely enough, I love it! It IS quirky.
Quite frankly it's too adorable for words. xo
Love the flower petal clothes pegs...!

Tina Burke

Oh that is FANTASTIC! Totally worth it :) And the Gold Bug website & store looks fascinating!!


plus, I'm a sucker for bug art.


totally worth it!!
derailing your day for something that brings you joy is always worth it.


Wait, you're easily distracted?!? HA!!! You, my dear, are f'ing hilarious!


That is pretty near the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'd say it was definitely worth it. :)

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