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April 16, 2010



haha! this totally made my day. charlie's angels of the dead sea. sweet!

Tara Bradford

Love all those Charlie's Angels-like poses. Yes, the Dead Sea is unique and am so glad you enjoyed the experience! Not sure I could get up so early to surf in the cold water, although I understand the appeal. Love spending time in or near the Pacific Ocean (more than the Atlantic, for some reason).


Ah floating in the Dead Sea with you chicks was awesome. Insane. Trippy indeed!!! xoxo


And it cools that fiery disposition of yours.



What an awesome experience...it sounds amazing! The new experience, close friends...laughter...geez, does it get any better??

Carmen Torbus

What an awesome story. Sounds like such an incredible experience. ♥

Julie Daley

Nice. Really, nice. I love this post and can almost feel myself floating, too. Thank you for sharing.


I know that feeling about the ocean - maybe because we all used to live there? Maybe our cells remember...

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