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April 08, 2010



How? Did? I? Miss? This??

Uh, hello! Gillian, people are posting important stuff daily.


You make me happy. I love your words, your thoughts and your brain. Keep on BEing. You inspire me daily. Oh love reading you. xoxo


Loved this, and the photograph. I'm still in the other place but your post gave me some hope. Thank you xx


Something shifted and settled in me, too, as I read your opening thoughts about what's happening in you right now. The evaporating stories, the figments of imagination that were those unresolved scenarios ... I can feel the unnerving that produces, alongside the surprising and delightful peace.

I relate, too, so well to those questions: Who will I be if this story disappears, or becomes less important, or becomes interpreted differently?

I've struggled a lot in my story with work-related anxiety. There is so much "there" to that part of my story. But I remember one season in which the anxiety began to dissipate and I became more free in my work. I said to a friend one day, "Who will I be anymore if I'm not a basketcase about work???" She humbly suggested that this would produce so much more room for creativity and productive work for me to offer the world. It's true ... that did happen ... I discovered life holds so much I was missing. But the leap to embracing this was scary at the time.


I so hear you on this one... those stories - who will we be without them? Pure, shining lights of joy and goodness and SPARKLES that's what! I love you Swirly.


Oh, how you've spoken to my being. I can relate with the feeling that I just might be afraid of something being okay when I've thought it different all along. Today I've seen glimpses of my soul struggling hard to hang on and be in control. Your post helps me realize it is okay. I don't need to try and control it all. There is beauty in the letting go.


Swirly, Your life is meaningful simply through being....you are meaningful to us - to me. I am so glad to have met you and am continually humbled at how beautiful your heart is and how eloquently you share what is in it.


oh how I love a good cycle (bicycle or otherwise) me thinks you're reaching the top of the wheel rotation... and it may be all fun downhill wwhhheeeeeee for a while now... xo


...and you will always be endlessly wonderful...

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

That is one of my favorite Zen proverbs - I love all the proverbs about the leaves falling whether anyone does anything about it or not, the new shoots growing whether anyone does anything about it or not. It fills my busy little heart with peace to remember that I am NOT making the world go around!

Such a lovely post. x


I love you


yessss !

oh and I love that photo


You sound very surrendered to the movement, sister. The cycle is coming around again...

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