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April 16, 2010


Dee Mallon

they say (Brugh Joy, others) that "consciousness loves contrast". Maybe that's part of what made the day so enlivening?

First visit here, enjoyed the writing quite a bit. Hope to be back!


MNomgirl (love you!) expressed my feelings about this story entirely.

Marriage is about that-the freakout followed by the apology. I am a slammer, a splasher, a tosser, and an angry folder. Wickedly angry folder. LOL!

I can't stop laughing at the humanity of this account...we are ALL guilty of it. All of us. The most Zen of us (except perhaps after his enlightenment...the Buddha) are guilty of angry folding. Angry rearranging. Angry bedmaking. Angry cooking. But here is the common denominator: we are still folding, cooking, organizing and rearranging. Only angry-style.

Isn't that hilarious? Thank goodness you and your man worked it out. We know just when the storm needs to peter out. Just when the sun needs to peek out from the clouds again.

Balance baby. It can't all be good. Sometimes it needs to be angry good. :)


sho ur rock sista !


OK, but just so all of you know, I was right, she was wrong.


It's hard to remember that peace isn't about stillness. It's about riding those ups and downs in acceptance. Peace with what is, rather than never getting ruffled.

I'm going to work on this.


I love this for many reasons, one of which because he proves to me that "I am not alone" ... ha!


i love this post for so many reasons... one, because i'ts such a comfort to know i am not the only on who exists in this head spinning place of "passionate living" :)... two, because you write so beautifully; makes me want to up my writing game... and three, because i love me a good session of angry laundry (and dishwasher emptying, one of my person favorites :)


Omg... Angry folding? Angry dish washing plans? I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed reading this - and not because it happened to you and your husband, because.. even though we need them, being in a blow up space sucks. But, I've been there. I've stormed away and angry folded and slammed refrigerator doors and cursed the man I love in my head, plenty o times. And then we were ok. Shifted quickly from super mad back to blissed out.


yep, it is awesome. the dark, the sweet, the angry and the laughter.

often, even in the midst of me throwing a tantrum, i am giggling at the fact that i'm even angry about such. a. thing.

and we resort to this: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/05/03/funny-pictures-who-throws-salad-honestly/

cos honestly. WHO throws salad?

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

I love this story - the awesome on all levels and the fact that I can see you and L in my head acting the whole thing out. You tell it so well, I feel like I'm in the laundry with you, slamming that laundry around.


Tara Bradford

Not nearly enough exclamation marks to express how awesome it is!!!!! :) xo


I so get this... the angry laundry to the fit of laughter about it all...


It is. Awesome!


yeah - that is so awesome :) You have such a gift for making diamonds out of clay. I wich i could put my life stories into words the way you do! thanks C,

x donna


yay for just rolling with it! That's life with other people.
hope your back feels better soon!


Oh how I can relate! I would so love to sit and have coffee with you. I want to hear your stories in person. ❤

That IS awesome.


This is a totally awesome blissful-kooky-happy nutty life. And a great story. But as great as the story was, what I love, love, love even more than the content is that I can hear you - feel you telling the story as if you were right next to me. That is so cool. I miss you.


I couldn't have said it better...life IS blissful-kooky-happy-nutty. And that was a great story...one that has happened to me before, but you wrote aboutit beautifully! Thanks for sharing...oh...and by the way...that was awesome. :)


Yes, it's an awesome story. Thanks too for letting us know why you are blogging so much. I (and, of course, your blog is about ME) was feeling like such a slug. The blog entry I wrote today is in my head still.

By the way, there is a magnificient chiropractor around the corner from you (10th and Wilshire). Call me if that would help!


This IS awesome! and I can totally picture the whole interaction.

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