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May 27, 2010



Christine, that is just too sweeeeeet! :) I went to that AFI showing as well (maybe we were even there on the same night)... saw 'someguy' speak as well as Andrea, and got my copy of the book signed (that was waaaay cool!)... it was a cool panel. :) ...degrees of separation... glad I got to take part in both these things (your book fairy adventure *&* the screening), with you in the periphery... :) I'm thinking I need to order a copy of the book for myself... it truly is such a gem... :) Adriane xx


What a brilliantly phenomenally inspiring story! This is inspiration in inspiration. WOW. This is what a great idea can do, it has such a multiplier effect.


How awesome is that!!!




I just got all teary reading this story. You are such an inspiration! xoxo

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