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May 06, 2010



ahhhh gentle creation!
I LOVE it when that happens!

Maybe, by the mere fact of it NOT being soul crushing, it may in fact change the world!

thank you for sharing this beautiful post and magical photo.


This is beautiful, Christine. I love that image of you walking gently in bare feet with a loose dress on, following the path of a delicate butterfly in flight before you.

Can't wait to see more of this work you're about these days! xoxo


Thank you, Christine. Thank you for the hope that it's not all toil and lost sleep. I'm ready fortea + honey! Love this post.


I agree completely - it's all part of the mystery of living a creative life and you know what? I love it. I'm growing to enjoy the cycles and changes, even the when they take a turn towards the shadows. I think I'm growing to see that all those turns will come whether I resist them or not. So why not simply welcome them? Lovely post!

Carmen Torbus

I'm giddy just thinking about that easy breezy lemon squeezy sort of creative energy! So happy your project is coming together so smoothly. ♥

xo & belief in you,


Kristen Fischer

I think so many people want to make being creative this big deal. It's not really. If you are, it doesn't have to be all drama. You can be good at something and simply enjoy it, yanno?


WONDERFUL! I find that my best creative work comes along effortlessly when I am *comfortable* - I love curling up on the couch with a mug of coffee on a weekend morning, playing music, and just letting it FLOW :)


Congrats on a magical day!

Tara Bradford

So glad you're finding joy in your creativity; that's what matters.

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