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June 21, 2010



"But I finally had to admit to myself that much of what I felt like I had to pursue was motivated by this grasping, and whenever there is grasping there is tension, and wherever there is tension there is a blockage of the natural flow of things." So here right now...your words comfort me and rest right in my chest by my heart. xo


I appreciate your sharing your process and what questions you are living in...as I have been doing some deep soul-searching and healing as I too look at what I want to do...

What I keep coming back to (on my own and through the wise counsel of some healers I am working with) is a quality of beingness.

Of being clear on who I want to be..who I am called to be...and then living my life from that.

I don't have my "being-ness" fully languaged yet — but I know it has to do with shining light and love on beauty, wholeness and expanding potential.

Each moment being that. Doing from that place. Speaking from who I am being.

{As one healer said to me: stop trying to figure out your life purpose. Your purpose is to be here and feel joy and then act from that.}

It feels foreign to the planner/analytical part of me who wants to have it all figured out. But on level that I can't fully articulate, it feels true, too.

All I have to do is to be that...and it will all unfold from there.

I have a thing for flowers. And I've been thinking about their "way of being" -- which for me seems paradoxical in its surrender and focused action....

Anyway, this is rambling, but I wanted to respond as a way of saying thanks for sharing your journey and for helping me to continue to clarify my own.

It sounds to me like you are finding that sweet spot of flow and presence and creative truth and clarity from which an authentic masterpiece of a life can be created.

{love and light}

ps have you read J. Ruth Gendler's Notes on the Need for Beauty? I am reading it and am loving it — she's an artist, poet and writer who is in love with questions. If you haven't read her, you might enjoy her, too.


i love that you give yourself permission to just be. it is an important reminder that i often lose track of. your beautiful work and words are so inspiring. i'm now a new fan! oh, and thanks for your lovely comment the other day. big smiles.

Leah Virsik

Mmmm… I'm touched and can relate to the questioning. I appreciate you writing your very public words. Yes, I agree "Maybe simply living a life that is meaningful to me is enough…"

I enjoy witnessing your process as well. I found you via Lisa Occhipinti's blog.

Nic Hohn

A couple of months ago I came home from a retreat and felt and knew in my heart that if I never created again, I would be ok. That I had made a difference in this world through my art and with the people I've connected to....I am still creating but it feels like its coming from a different more peaceful, at ease place.

I too am repurposing my canvases.Giving them makeovers with more skill, intention and purpose.

Love watching what you are doing with yours!

Cindy Jones Lantier

Once again, you have touched me with your words. The idea of not having concern over how my life flows particularly struck me and I'll be carrying that around with me for the next few days. Thanks, as always, for the insight and the ideas.


I appreciate your candid exploration of your creative process, the lulls as well as the production. Particularly as someone who is not as far along in the business of being an artist. Sometimes I feel like I can't do it... but I realize that is part of the process, and it's good to see other artists struggling with the same thing.


You encapsulate everything in this one sentence: "Maybe simply living a life that is meaningful to me is enough, and I can let that say everything I might ever want to say. "



You know even when you don't think you know. Ya know?
I always dig watching your art and your path unroll in front of you like a magical carpet.

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