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June 08, 2010


Katrina kaif wallpapers

This was really interesting and awesome.


Thanks for sharing your idea. Real artist can do anything.

Alessandra Cave

I can tell you came back inspired, my dear. I love seeing/ reading about you in your element. This class sounds like the bomb! You are an awesome teacher. xoxx


Here gives me the feeling of being in sunshine

Jenn C.

Thank you so much for a wonderful class at Squam.

I can speak with knowledge in saying that you did an amazing job in holding a quiet space for someone if frustration was setting in because something wasn't working as expected.

Apparently Squam this year for me was all about growth and character building, and I learned a lot, mostly about myself.

Once I found my groove in your class I loved it, and I am really looking forward to taking that and continuing to play with it back here in the real world.


amazing ideas....

post is reall intersting as i can see picture..

thanks a lot.

keep rocking.


This made me cry. Thanks for sharing.



all overrated if you ask me

"fly by the seat of your pants"-now THERE is an ideology i can live with

(what a mantra, man!)



sometimes we need to nap AND cry.

this is beautiful as are you!

Rebecca in Switzerland

"I believe in giving it a go."

Can we put that on t-shirt?
(Cute little V neck preferably.)

You're just swell. What a perfect post you made here...


These were good words for me today...thank you!


Small Sweet Steps

For years I wasted time thinking I couldn't show my work because it wasn't perfect or wouldn't create because I put so much pressure on myself. Somewhere along the way a shift happened and I started viewing it in a different way. No expectations just playing! It has helped so much. Thank you for being such a great source of inspiration.


now i am above the clouds with this post. i hope i can take a class from you in the future.

Pippin Schupbach

I can wait to take your class this fall at Squam. I almost don't want to finish reading the blog, because I want to be totally surprised.


oh yeah, it's all fun and games until you get the damn printer involved!!!! Before you know it it's MATH! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!


this is so true to how the class felt.

thanks for all that you shared...your smiles, words, encouragement, laughter and support.

i really enjoyed spending time with you and feeling your spirit. looked through my photos and wished that i had more of your sunny image. i do have a few from the your camp...don't think i will be sharing! looking forward to seeing you again. be well and enjoy the time in your temporary space.

i've already starting sharing the joy of your postcards. thank you.

~sunshine and happiness


This is a beautiful approach to teaching/living Swirly. And reading "it takes nothing more than giving our full attention to the task at hand, and instead of judging anything as good, bad or otherwise, saying, "Well isn't that interesting," and letting it all be OK as it is." was very valuable for me today.

I love the vision of you sitting on the plane writing away in your journal....

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