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July 28, 2010



You just put into words what I feel all the time...thank you! (I just Sam Grawe's editor's note in Dwell Magazine and he refers to such problems as "fancy problems".....I like those kinds of problems!).


Ok if you do a dinner party in a pool...I better be invited!
You may be in overwhelm but you are getting things done! And I for one can't wait to see all the great work that comes out of your overwhelm!
Besides you could be like me with lots of ideas and then don't do anything (although I'm working on that). xo

elizabeth~so wabi sabi

Man, can I relate! I love your approach of just accepting it as who you are. I tend to go through this stage while working up to a project where I feel like I must abandon everything because I'm so overwhelmed. Using flower essences and just recognizing the pattern has helped me tremendous as I drift through those difficult waters. The trade winds do come with some faith.

Kate Courageous

Project Overwhelm. I can completely relate. We need a support group. ;-) I have started to embrace my "PO" as simply a side effect of living a passionate, multi-faceted, multi-directional life. Sometimes it does feel pretty stressful, but as long as I'm choosing projects that I'm fully "behind" it's really such a gift.

stacy kathryn

Oh my gosh! I love the dinner party in the pool idea...run with it!

So funny that you pulled that Mark Twain quote I just finished a mural in my studio and that's the quote I wrote on it. Love it.

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