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July 07, 2010



I know that mode well. I'm in it at the moment - so much so that a day spent in bed rewriting felt like rest. No fighting, no forcing. Just allowing the energy I have for this book to keep flowing.

Following my enthusiasm. I think that's what makes it flow.



I love that idea of being an eager and willing servant to your dreams! Twirl, dance, and leap, girl. I know that feeling you're speaking about: when you ought to be tired or might normally have used some time to recoup rest, but the energy for something you love is flowing and it just feels okay to keep moving and going with the flow of energy in that direction. It's a cool feeling, isn't it? It helps me realize I'm really doing something I love, something that brings joy to my heart. xoxo


how exciting for you to get to work with sabrina. you both are so inspiring to me and i hope to have the chance to meet you in person, too. keep doing your amazing work.

jill nalette

good lession. i should "apply it to my everyday life.
hope all is well!!
xoxo and smiles~ jill

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