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July 17, 2010


Marisa and Creative Thursday

Come to think of it I need some NEW yoga pants!


most days of the week i live in yoga pants.


I love yoga pants. Except when they hike up around my thighs and hips when I'm lounging around in bed. Yoga pants, what's up with that part? It makes you an irritant instead of a comfort.


"Do downward dog or do not; there is no try." ~ Yoga Pants


Kirsten Michelle

my yoga pants and i will be in your neck of the woods soon...
would love for you to write all over me ;-)
have your people call my people.
or you could just email me.


yoga pants, yoga pants...you make me dance you make me prance.
yoga pants yoga pants...who needs the underpants?
tight and svelt and sometimes green.
Yoga Pants what's that in between?
oh how I love my yoga pants as they caress my buns
the yoga pants i wear are all the buzz.
as a matter of fact i wear them just because.


Edith was unsure about the attire for the cocktail party. She knew that the hostess, Kay Whitehall, would be dressed to the nines - possibly wearing that smashing pink organdy dress she just bought at the City of Paris in San Francisco.

Hard to compete with that, Edith thought. Pearls, a silk peasant blouse and yogapants would have to do.


Where would I be without my yoga pants? They bend, they stretch, they dance the hootchycoo. Yeah.


"Et tu, Yoga Pants?"

kim Hambric

I said to my 8-year-old daughter while looking through the Land's End kids catalog: "I can't believe you circled the leggings! You look much better in yoga pants."


Have you heard that a few of the Wal-Mart super centers have banned Pajama pants in their stores? Now those stores with male management have taken it a step further, Yoga Pants Required!.............
...............If at this point you are saying "Is that really true?"...........Your Yoga pants might be a size too small and squeezing the God given common sense right out of you! :smile:


“I may have a feather duster down my (yoga)pants.” Johnny Depp

Pippin Schupbach

I love me some yoga pants, because they give me a booty.


O yoga pants, yoga pants
Wherefore art thou,
Yoga pants?


Oh, Now I see what you're after. How about the following:
1) Yogaloons
2) Yoga skins
3) Snugs
4) Booty britches
5) Knickeroons
6) Mat chaps
7) Floor skins
8) Clam diggers

Kristen Fischer

Nothin' wrong with wearing yoga pants all day...even if you don't do yoga.


When the walls are closing in, and I'm feeling a little blue, all I have to do is to put on my yoga pants to be reminded that I will soon feel renewed.


I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas please. My yo-yo-yo-yo-yoga pants... (a la Lady Gaga, lol)


Mr. Swirly,

Would you rather we called them yoga trousers or yoga britches or yoga slacks or yoga pantaloons?

We are open to suggestions!

Mr. Swirly

Girls, rest assured I like the way they look (man, what's not to like); but calling them pants really just takes away all the sexiness of them. Don't they deserve more than "pants"? Surely you creative people can do better than that.


Me thinks you yoga too vigorously if I can hear your yoga pants.


Yoga Pants
I wear them inside out.
You wear them upside down.
Let's wear them together
(your right, my left leg),
and hobble around.


So this pair of Yoga Pants walks into a smoothie bar. They audaciously order a shot of wheatgrass, and saunter out. The bartender, called Larry, and not by accident, says to them, "I like the... um...way you guys look this morning."


yoga pants, yoga pants, oh yoga yoga pants
yoga pants, yoga pants, oh yoga yoga pants
yoga pants, yoga pants, oh yoga yoga pants
yoga pants da dum dum dum


oh these comments are hi.lar.i.ous.

i am going to bookmark this post and come back to it whenever i need a laugh.

Auntie Em,
Hate you, hate Kansas, taking the dog and the red shoes, leaving the yoga pants.

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