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August 26, 2010



And, the "disorder" in that photo is super inspiring to me. There's something about a mess of papers that makes me want to treasure hunt for the perfect collage elements, vision board pieces or inspiring bits.



You are enough...


so thrilled that you posted about this and hoping that you are feeling more grounded today. she is super cute and while life is going to feel out of control just think of all the love you are sharing with her and she with you. oh and welcome to my world of chaos!
miss you.


Oh Tilda. Waltzing...Tilda.
You know, the one person in particular who you think will think very poorly of you needs to escape your consciousness...even if only for one day at a time until you are over it completely.

What matters is, have we breathed? Loved? Done our best?

You look outward everyday, at your world. Strangely, miraculously it keeps turning. You will drive yourself mad if you try to live up to unrealistic standards. Instead, worry less about what others think of your mess...and worry about the basics. (Breath, eat, sleep.)

Then, if those who come over pitch a fit because you have a sock on their floor...march Tilda over to their house with a white glove on and do a shelf test. They won't pass, I guarantee it.

Get busy livin'.
Love you, and all your dust, mess and other shit!


I can only imagine. You are doing it, allowing your life to be turned upside down and that's both brave and inevitable. Sending as much calmness and courage as I can!


You just read my mind. I'm with ya! You're not alone. Live in the moment...


the adventure begins, my friend! just wait til you see how much wondrous stuff a 4-legged will teach you! and by the way...you are plenty. and plenty is enough.
my grandmother always said that "no interesting person ever died with a clean house." i use that one.


So sounds like each day for me. Never enough time, but Tilda is such a sweetie!!!


I'm pulling for you - you can do it! My mom used to say the dust bunnies& laundry can wait, enjoy your baby while you can.She was right. Did I just write that?! lol I'll send in the cavalry :)

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