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August 27, 2010


Amanda Wyles

Absolutely delightful.

Tara Bradford

Oh, so glad to see two of my faves in a collaborative effort! Congrats on your artwork being featured. Can't wait to see the book!


congratulations on being featured in another publication. your work is truly amazing.

love the f*ck it list AND the obsession network. the second one has just confirmed to me that the world is made up of some veerry interesting characters!


Oh Jean Paul.
My kingdom for your couches...or whatever they are! Lounges?
Frickin lovely!
p.s. J and I are off to a shisha bar tomorrow night! We'll smoke some lemon mint for you xo

Linda E

you really started something with Amy's list. i'll be up all night now!


You're so sweet!
Sparkles back at ya!


Your awesome, thank you so much for the mention and photo!

Miss Mari

Congratulations My Oh So Inspirational Friend!!! I must get a copy!

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