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August 06, 2010


Amanda Wyles

What a lovely blog, its heartwarming stumbling across this kind.


As I approached the mail box I could tell that an explosion of sparkles and joy was about to be unveiled.......

There amidst those toss-able collection of plain papers was a charming envelope with sweet, child like writing and appeal. Like a child I skipped back to the house, 3 year old grandson in tow.

I savored the moment of opening this treasure to find sparkling pink tissue sealed in the sweetest of fashions. I shuffled through the mountain of festive, altered postcards and sorted them into 2 piles. One to share with my daughter, and one for myself. There was too much fun for only one smile, and the brightness on my daughter's face when I shared your goodies, made for an even funnier experience.
So for this wonderful bright light in an other wise ordinary day, I kiss the tips of my fingers and send it your way....:kiss:


Happy to find your blog. I am your facebook friend :)


Yippy Skippy!!
I love those post cards "You Are" http://www.etsy.com/listing/48327057/you-are-postcard-set?show_panel=true
And they will arrive at a perfect time in my life when things have just all fallen into place....So, "I AM". In fact my daughter and I have just started up a blog, Dear MaryJanes based on life long letters between her and I. I hope you might take a peek. http://dearmaryjanes.blogspot.com/
Thank you so much for the Yoga Drawing, I love all of the comments on it and re-read them now and then.

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