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August 20, 2010


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What a nice puppy, I hope it isn't chewing all your shoes, at least mine does, and I have to hide them.


Beautiful puppy!

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Lol the funiest post that i've seen today and also beautiful puppy!


Funniest post ever! And she is SO cute it hurts just a little bit to look at her photos.


She's so cute, even when she's being naughty!

Marisa and Creative Thursday

You are killing me. She is obviously the best puppy in the world. ;)


the eames chair thing is unacceptable! BAD PUPPY!!!

Small Sweet Steps

So funny! It will all be worth it. Enjoy all the cuteness.

Tracie Hanson

almost as cute as my full grown puppy "Flea" - 3 years old and still the best pup ever!

Charity Bryson

I have a new little Heinz 57 puppy, too. She is a wild, sweet, spoiled groovy little being. Her name is Groovy Girl. Guess you probably realize that I am an aging hippy



that dishwasher thing - it's called pre-washing in our house!


So loving your photos of this little girl!!!
I just finished your book Ordinary Sparkling Moments.
Was wondering if I could put the badge for the book on my blog, and if so, where to get the code.


Carmen Torbus

She is the cutest puppy ever! *swoon*


Oh but one look at that sweet little face...heart melting!



Jenn C.

I don't know how you could look at that face and even think "free puppy".

Well, except for all the times I'd happily sell my kid to the gypsies, if they were foolish enough to take her.

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